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Maintenance Coordinator



I lived in Charleston in my early 20's and just recently moved back. My background is in business management and prior to relocating here I worked for a Vacation Rental Firm in Florida.

What makes Avocet Properties so special?

What makes Avocet Properties so special is the diverse skills, personalities and talents each person brings to the team. Although different in this way, we all strive to provide each guest an amazing experience while at our vacation properties. Our guests come first and our collective goal is to provide a happy place for life long memories here at Folly Beach so our guests return again and again.

What is your favorite spot on Folly Beach?

My favorite spot on Folly Beach is Crosby's Fish and Shrimp Company. While living here in my 20's, my sister and I would go down to the dock and wait for the shrimp boats to come in. We would listen to the fishermen's stories and watch as the catch of the day was separated and wonder at the various types of shrimp, fish and shells that fell out of the nets. We would watch the sunset and then head home, usually with a basket full of free shrimp and a big smile on our faces!