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Known for generations as Coffin Island, Folly Island is a mystical and wildly historic place. From the island’s earliest indigenous people to the present, Folly’s story screams America! Her sandy beaches have seen plague, shipwrecks, buried treasure, gruesome Civil War battles, gangsters, heroes and pirates. A known hang out for Blackbeard himself, Folly’s sand has more than once soaked in the blood of the ages, and she has the ghosts and legends to prove it. Where Shadows Walk Ghosts of Folly Tour is unique. With the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, guests are asked to let their minds wander to different times, distant times, times of big band music and laughter, times of roaring guns and screams, times of disaster and times of triumph. On this two-hour classic walking tour, guests will relive Folly’s paradise lost and found, and with the sand beneath their feet, walk with the ghosts of yesteryear.